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Project Pregnancy is a comprehensive resource for mothers-to-be, offering information and advice from conception through postpartum.

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Pregnant women experience many new things, and while pregnancy is a beautiful and life-changing milestone, it can certainly be intimidating. Project Pregnancy explains the changes in a way that is easy to understand, for mothers from all walks of life.

Key App Features

Health Log

Our detailed health log allows you to enter information, like daily food intake and exercise, on the go.

Dr. Questions

This feature allows you to save any questions you might want to ask during your monthly doctor appointments.


You can unlock exclusive rewards, like retailer coupons and special offers, simply by using the app.


Are you ready for your due date? Our handy checklists will help you see what needs to be done at a glance.

Monthly Updates

We’ll share updates each month about your growing baby, including common symptoms and advice.

Meet the Creators

Margaret Threadgill

Founder & CEO Margaret Threadgill

Experienced healthcare manager and physician-in-training who is passionate about bridging entrepreneurship and medicine to drive healthcare delivery innovation.

Angie Hayden

Co-Founder & Chief Designer Officer Angie Hayden

Enjoys collaborating with others to define problems and design solutions. Experience designing for Fortune 500s and startups. Passionate about design for social good.

Chelsea Dinkins

VP of Sales & Marketing Chelsea Dinkins

Chelsea has an extensive marketing background in Action Sports and CPG, but her greatest passion lies in social and environmental causes and women’s health.

Bladymir Tellez

Software Engineer Bladymir Tellez

Specializes in Web and Mobile Applications. Focuses on making software that is usable, and satisfies a user's needs through various processes and tools.

Aparna Sridhar

Advisor Aparna Sridhar

Dr. Aparna Sridhar MD MPH FACOG is a physician who specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She works at University of California Los Angeles and enjoys offering comprehensive health care throughout the continuum of a woman’s life.

Virginia Tancioco

Co-Founder & COO Virginia Tancioco

Passionate about domestic and international healthcare equality, Virginia strives to work with communities to increase access to quality healthcare and health education.

Asher Kurland

VP of Finance Asher Kurland

Asher was a consultant at Mercer for six years before making the move to Anderson from NYC in order to transition into investment banking, where he will work after graduating. During his free time, Asher likes to enjoy LA with his wife and son, improve his tennis game, and experiment with coffee brewing.

Nicole Conoyer

Director of Content Strategy Nicole Conoyer

A seasoned copywriter, Nicole's background is a rich checkerboard of digital marketing, branding, writing, and editing. She's a proud alumna of Southeast Missouri State University.

Robert Henetz

Software Engineer Robert Henetz

Software engineer with experience in the game industry and education spanning many different facets of software development. Education in Java, Objective-c, C++, Python, and C# along with relation databases such as MySQL and DB2.

Ariella Herman

Advisor Ariella Herman

An expert in the areas of child care and health care management, Dr. Herman brings her quantitative and data analysis skills to bear on research related to social issues.

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